Friday, 17 January 2014

CJS - Finnabair's "Magic Teaspoon"

This is the second project I've completed for Creative Jump Start.
It's something very different for me but I really, really enjoyed making it...and getting messy in the process!

The Magic Teaspoon:

This was supposed to be made on a stretched canvas and I thought I had one of the right size.....could I find it? Of course not! That'll teach me to tidy up!

I used a canvas board instead.

The first three layers were done with pages from old books interspersed with various pieces of lace and string. These were then covered in gesso and left to dry.

The household items that made up the next layer were:
an old key;a button;bingo pieces from an old set that we played with in my childhood (and on which the paint bled into the gesso);some beads from a broken necklace;a mini spray bottle that had contained an aftershave sample;a bit of metal of indeterminate use ( found in my late husband's man tin*);an old hat pin;the bezel from an old watch;an old silver teaspoon;a beautiful heart shaped bead;a gear cut with a TH die from an old coke can.

This layer was also covered with gesso.

Once it was dry I started adding I didn't have the pigment powder that Finnabair used I made do with Perfect Pearls...there's a lovely shimmer to the piece in real life. The finishing touches were light sprays from a couple of mists by Lindy's Stamp Gang in Maidenhair Fern Green and Grab a Guy Gold.

* The man tin was a fun birthday gift last year from me to hubby..and it does say Man Tin on it. It was for all the small bits and pieces that he had lying around in case they came in "useful"...which I had to move every time I dusted (admittedly, that wasn't very often!).

The next project I'm going to tackle is an art journal page using masking tape and tags..... I'm sure there must be masking tape in the garage.. ;)


Jewels said...

Very cool (and different) Susie!

Virginia said...

Oh Susie, that is gorgeous, how fab for it to be made up of so many different layers - love it!

Jacquelin Green said...

This is so cool - I love it!

Joanna said...

I LOVE your Magic Teaspoon artwork, Susie - all that texture and interesting 'stuff'!

I think we need a 'Man Tin' - although it would have to be really rather large to cope with all those strange bits that my man doesn't know what to do with but won't get rid of either :D

Looking forward to seeing your art journal - that sounds very interesting.....


Jackie Plank said...

Susie this is totally awesome, you rocked this one right out of the park!!!

Carmen said...

I've seen those man tins on Amazon - they do an artist version which I keep hinting at the kids at - pencil case size. Falls on deaf ears as always :D :D

I love, love your canvas - all those gorgeous layers. Hope you are going to display it somewhere in your house?

Gina said...

What a wonderful way to use all those little bits you just can't bring yourself to throw away. Fabulous project! :D XXX

Valerie-Jael said...

Love what you have made, I always enjoy doing pieces like that, too! Looks like you are really enjoying your course, hugs, Valerie

Hi it's Maria said...

wow what a lot of layers, well done sue, it looks like you really enjoyed this project, xx

Nathalie Kalbach said...

this is gorgeous- I love it- thank you for being part of CJS2014!