Sunday, 10 March 2013

30 Days of Lists - Day 10 & Two Challenges in One

Day 10 - I am craving....

The extra challenge at Scrap Club was to use the same design but with a totally different theme.

I recently bought some 1960's black and white photos on ebay   - beautiful shots of birds and butterflies (and some horrible ones of ants....shiver)....I hadn't realised the size of them and was expecting 6 x 4...they're 10 x 8 so need cutting down for most LOs.

I used the first photo last night with Graphic 45 "Bird Song" papers - well, it did seem appropriate!

I used lots of flowers etc for the "Embellish It!" challenge on Flying Unicorn.

I then encountered a major problem.....I have absolutely no idea what the bird is...and have no real way of checking as the photos are b & w.

D. thinks it's hilarious that I'm using unknown birds....I'm running out of family photos and wanted to try s'thing different.
Asked what he thought of the finished article, the reply was.."Too many flowers for my taste. You can tell a woman made it".

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there!


craftattack said...

Lovely work! The bird is beautiful, looks like a thrush BUT - just be brave and name it yourself - like mottled hutch bird or gurgling ground hopper....Hugs, Valerie

Jackie Plank said...

I think it is beautiful, Hubby don't know what he is talking about and tell him it is a sparrow..a Chipping Sparrow to be precise :)

Joanna said...

I love the black and white birdie photo put with the riot of colour - it works so well. I like Valerie's idea to name the bird yourself!

I rarely ask for Grant's opinion on things I make - it's a minefield for him, let's face it, whatever he says will be wrong!


Daniella said...

I have bought pictures from ebay too!! Lovely B&W pics of people. So why not birds!! I love the layout!!

Carmen said...

Am laughing at the random bird page - it is a a stunner. I'm just imagining the conversation though :-)