Friday, 6 May 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday (with added Mail Art, a giveaway and a small rant).

Yes ,it's Friday again (well it is for another hour and a half) and time to reflect on the week.

First grateful is one I missed last week - good old M&S. I took advantage of being in Oxford (for the trial) and managed to pop in and look at all the Per Una goodies. OK ...I bought as well. I also bought some summer pj's from their essential line - a bargain at £9.50 but what really clinched it was the fact that they came beautifully folded and tied up with wide purple ribbon. :) I managed to get the ribbon off without undoing the bow - soon to be appearing on a LO or card.

Second is David who arrived home on Tuesday (even if I did fall over again going to greet him on the driveway) and has been taking days off in lieu for having worked over the Bank Holiday w/end. We haven't done much but it's been nice having him here again - it was a lonely w/end esp. as my mojo has gone missing big time.

Next are friends who emailed or phoned to see if I was OK or sent lovely messages via blog comments or even...sent me Mail Art.

This beautiful envelope arrived yesterday from Virginia and really cheered me up. Inside was an even more gorgeous card.
A card which Blogger won't let me upload at the moment. Knickers!

I'll try again later.

Tomorrow is Scrap Club at A Maze of Memories. My photos are sorted and random bits of jewellery have been gathered (it's Shabby Chic this time). I have great hopes that this will kick start my creative urges. And if that doesn't  it's a Crop day on WeScrap . I'm already signed up for Scraplift Tag.

Now for the giveaway.

Yet again I've managed to order the same book twice from Amazon.
It's a mystery set in the world of bookbinding.
It's in search of a good home so if you're interested leave a comment and I'll have a draw on Sunday. There may even be some crafty goodies in the package. :)

Blogger still won't let me upload the card so now for the rant.

I am very, very happy that Man Utd have reached the final of the Champions League. In fact the way they played on Weds is one of my gratefuls for the week (esp. after the way we was robbed on Sunday!).
Since the final is at Wembley this year (about four stops away from us on the train) I rather want to go to it. Consulted DS and ,yes ,(even though he supports Arsenal) he'd come with me.
Online I go.
When the tickets went on sale in February the cheapest was..£150!! I kid you not. Thanks UEFA for thinking of the fans - NOT!
Still, I thought, once in a lifetime etc. etc.
Only to find that all the tickets had sold out shortly after going on sale.
Bear in mind that the two teams are going to get only 25,000 tickets each that leaves an awful lot of tickets that should be available.

Well, they are available, if you're willing to take out a second mortgage. The cheapest I could find was £1,500 for one ticket. Much as I love my team I can't afford that and I doubt many other fans can either.

I really think these "ticket agencies" should not be allowed to get away with makes my blood boil and if I swore I'd be swearing a blue streak.
Time for my Paper Voodoo pad (newly arrived from USA) to be brought into action methinks.
Wonder if anyone's running a competition to win tickets?
I might be lucky..well I did win us a week for 4 in Portugal with tickets to the France v England game at Euro 2004 (simply by using a credit card)...could it happen again?

Still can't upload the card - apparently the server has rejected it. :(

I'll keep trying....
Hugs xx


Joanna said...

The football ticket business is RIDICULOUS and is typical now of how these things work. It's not for the fans any more, just for those in the corporate boxes and those with loads of money (many of whom probably couldn't care less about the result, just want to be at THE event. It makes my blood boil too, and I'm not a football fan.

Great news that David's at home for a few days. Hope you enjoy your chillaxin' time together.

Hope you enjoy Scrap Club and you find your mojo.



Hi Sue
Hope you are ok and sounds like you have been busy again,take care
Love and Hugs
Dianne xx :)

Virginia said...

Crikey - well M&S ribbons sounds awesome will have to check those out!

However the football tickets is a crazy situation surely something can be done to stop ripping people off! I will let you know if there are any competitions that I come across for it!

Glad hubby came home early - hope you didn't hurt yourself falling on the drive!

Finally glad you liked the mail art - I thought you'd appreciate the envelope when I made it LOL! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend


craftattack said...

Blogger is a pain in the neck just now! I needed half an hour for 4 pics this morning, and every five minutes they seem to go off line for a bit, grr! Your new PJs sound great and the ribbon even better! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, don't get too annoyed about football. Had similar probs here with a concert ticket last year, paid 90 Euros and I am still waiting....the concert was cancelled! The agency is looking into it!
Take care of yourself,enjoy your wonderful mail art with the scarlet woman ! Big hugs and sparkles, Valerie

bad penny said...

Isn't it irritating when you can't load a photo ! Great to great a lovely ribbon on the PJs. Sorry about the tickets. I'm not a footie fan but I can imagine your frustration. Have a lovely weekend x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

lovely list and rant, yes they are so expensive, a ridicules price, hugs...xx

maria xx