Friday, 19 November 2010

Rocking My World Friday

First off an apology to all you Rockettes for the lack of a post last week. I'd intended to write my post Friday evening but things cropped up that left me feeling very upset and more than a little depressed - not good when one is counting one's blessings.

So onto this week - gosh, is it Friday already? That means a craft filled day tomorrow! All day!! Yay!! I will share the results next week.

First grateful is the Internet. Without this wonder of the modern world my cupboards would be bare and Christmas would be cancelled. Friends would never hear from me and my life would be oh so dull. My crafting would be pitiful. Sites that deserve a mention....ebay,Facebook,Amazon,Sainsbury's to You, WeScrap.

Friends have played a big part in my life this week (OH went up to Scotland on Weds. and has yet to return) whether taking me out for coffee and yummy cupcakes (Pat), feeding me, wine and Max, dog biscuits (Audrey),sending me funnies (Carole) or poking me (Gill)- I love you all.

Sky Plus which allowed me to record The Apprentice on Weds. so I could watch the football - why oh why did I bother? Watched The Apprentice last night - much better than the football.

Movies 24 which has started showing the odd Christmas film. I'm still not feeling very Christmassy but I've enjoyed having s'thing to watch in the desert that is daytime TV.

And finally Max -- for keeping me company, keeping me warm at night and all the cuddles.
Could have done without the barking at and fighting with the vacuum cleaner though!

Hope your weeks have been good ones.
Sue xx


DGgirl said...

Hi Susie

Nice list (mine not done yet!!). If I see your OH wandering, will send him back to you a.s.a.p.!!

I totally agree with you about the wonders of internet shopping - I live and breathe by it at this time of the year - it is Santa!!!

Hope to start reading Fallen this weekend. Thanks again for sending it on.



sue-bubbles said...

Hi Susie! Loving the new look blog! Thank you for your continued sparkles which are very much appreciated (and needed just now!) Life without the internet..........what a ghastly thought!
Wishing you a happy weekend and good week ahead!
Sue xxx

tea_bag said...

Oh yes I have also enjoyed watching some christmas films hugs alma x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

fab list sue, and via the net am sending you tons of sparkles for your 'down' days, hugs...

maria xx

Joanna said...

I'm nodding along to your list, Susie. The internet - it's opened up my world and made it a much more interesting place. It's certainly developed my artwork. The Apprentice is fab, isn't it? What did you think of Stuart's management style?!! He was so lucky to get away with not being fired.

Max is top dog, please give him a kiss from me.

Have a lovely week - I hope OH returns soon!


Virginia said...

Oooh just back - catching up in blogland - loving that list - and oooh the internet is a fabulous thing isn't it!