Saturday, 27 November 2010

Rocking My World Friday (and, yes, I know it's Saturday).

Another week that went waaaaaay too quickly!
I did intend to write this yesterday but when I sat at the computer last night I was enveloped by a wave of tiredness and ended up in bed at 10p.m. (as OH said," It's a bit early for you isn't it?"). This was thanks to Max who decided I should be up at 6a.m. and wouldn't stop licking my face until I was out of bed - thanks Max!

This week I am again grateful to the internet..Christmas shopping is slowly being delivered... I keep having sudden flashes of what would make a great gift for s'one and, hey presto, a few clicks later it's ordered.
Also grateful to our Town Council who arranged for the French Market to visit for three days this week - wonderful smells (shrimps and garlic, fresh bread, yummy soaps and herbs) and a new festive tablecloth in my bag.
I've been able to do lots of crafting this week (the massive steroid injection is still working its' magic). Spent a great day at A Maze of Memories last Saturday (results can be seen in earlier posts) with friends. At home I've made a couple of presents by altering clipboards (photo above of first one) and have made progress on my Dec. daily journal. Unfortunately I ran out of suitable numbers so just had to place an internet order with Scrapinette (in France) where they had some beautiful Christmas ones - I know Christina, I should have saved my pennies for next Friday (lol!) but I couldn't find these stickers anywhere else, no-one in UK seems to stock this brand.
As always I'm grateful for family and friends who keep me on an even keel - I'm prone to depression at the best of times and am not really looking forward to Christmas this year. It'll be the first without Dad. Thanks to you all - you know who you are.:)


craftattack said...

Hi Sue, glad your week had a lot of good things in it, like scrapping and going early to bed and having a lovely dog and OH - should that have been the other way round?? Love your clipboard, lots of hugs and sparkles for you! Valerie

Joanna said...

Beautiful clipboard Sue! The internet is great isn't it - why queue up for hours in hot, crowded, noisy shopping centres? I just can't make myself do it, it isn't what Christmas is about for me.

Good ol 'Max obviously knows you need to get up early in the morning to start all your wifely chores......!

I know what you mean about this being the first Christmas without Dad - I keep seeing great presents suitable for mine (and he was always so difficult to buy for!).

ps In answer to your question on my blog, red wine. And surely you're on Babycham for Strictly (with a cherry on a stick!). x

Virginia said...

Hi Sue

Love your list, Christmas is always difficult with loved ones who aren't with us but take the time to enjoy your december journal and remember the good times that you have had with those people to make it a truly memorable and festive season! We've finally got snow much to my 10 year olds happiness - not to my happiness as it meant all the numpties in the area being out and about and bullying said 10 year old again! Drive me insane I tell you! Hope you're having a great weekend


{Sarah} said...

What a cool altered project for a present! I'm looking to do something this year, thinking magnets. I'll be thinking of you this holiday season... (((hugs)))

Hi I'm Maria... said...

lovely list sue, sending you hugs as know how you are feeling, cannot say it gets easier, but as gina says you learn to live with it and remember the memories...

as for 6am that's a lie in, lol.. (good one max, hahaha)...

take care, hugs...xx

maria xx

DGgirl said...

Hi Susie

here I am, better late than never!

What a lovely list - think I must go online and visit Scrapinette - do they do an English version of the website - my French is distinctly rusty?

I am only too aware how hard this Christmas will be for you sweetie, but just remember that you are loved and your Dad wouldn't want you to be sad - would he?

Take care (oh - and so glad the injections are propving worthwhile!).