Saturday, 4 September 2010

Not Rocking My World Friday but Shaking My Saturday!

Apologies for being 24 hours late with this but by the time I got round to it last night I could hardly see. My reading/computer glasses are having new lenses fitted and boy am I missing them. Just going to have to pace my reading/craft/computer activities over the weekend. :(

This week has been much better than last. Dad is out of hospital (no scan results as yet but a big cut down in the amount of meds he has to take) and has a carer going in three times a day to prepare meals. This will be ongoing over three weeks so I shall visit him after that when I'll be of more use. gratefuls this week...

A Maze of Memories where I cropped last Saturday. It was wonderful to get out and see friends and just scrap for three hours without interruption - bliss! And then of course there was the stash shopping...
On which theme I thank QVC and Anna Griffin for solving my Christmas card problem... I bought the kit! I know a lot of people don't see this as "proper" card making but for me it's perfect. I shall still make special cards for family and close friends but don't need to panic when I lose days to my arthritis. Also I am very much a scrapbooker now and don't enjoy card making nearly as much as I used to.
I am grateful to Jo for introducing me to Collage Coterie - I have signed up for the classes and am looking forward to learning new techniques...when I get my glasses back!
ScrapnFIT deserves a mention too. I have signed up for the 90 day weight loss challenge and am also enjoying the sketch challenges. My "Room With a View" LO won the August challenge. Thanks Tiare - it was a lovely sketch to work with.

No crafting this week as I was still feeling down for most of it so other media have had to fill the gap!
Thank you to Swedish TV and BBC4 for the Wallander series. I've just watched the last one (for me - it was actually the first one broadcast but I missed it) and feel sad it's finished. Krister Henriksson was superb as Wallander.
Twilight (I know, I can hear you all saying "Not again!") which I watched with OH as he hadn't seen all of it.He enjoyed it and is ready to watch New Moon - I watched it again on Thurs. and I still cried even though I've read the book twice and seen the film three times!
The Headbangers Bible and Housework songs have been cheering me up this week too - well, they saw me through the "i" word.

And finally my online friends who have kept me busy poking them/vying for best celebrity lover on Facebook (Gill - that's you!), given me an ear to moan into (Val and Jan), sent me funnies to brighten nauseous Weds.(Carole) or generally just been there - too many to mention individually but you know who you are.

Lots of little gratefuls and a better week ahead.
Hope it's the same for all you Rockettes and fellow bloggers.
Sue xx


Jo said...

Hi Susie, good to read your Rocking list today! I'm so glad you've enrolled on Collage Coterie and look forward to seeing what you come up with (once you've got your glasses!). Good news that your Dad is out of hospital and you're getting support for him. As for this celebrity lover lark - WHAT??!!?? Anyway, wishing you a peaceful weekend, doing whatever you wanna do (kits, Twilight, Wallander - you don't have to apologise, girl, it's your life, you live it!). Thank you again for being such a regular drop-in on my blog, it's always good to see you've visited. Jo xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

great list again sue, sorry to hear you've been down but good news on your dad being home and having some help...

looking forward to seeing your 'quick' christmas cards (I forgot all about QVC)...

maria x

craftattack said...

Glad your Dad is doing better now. And I have big ears, so you are always welcome to use them!! Take care, lots of sparkles for you!

sue-bubbles said...

Great news about your Dad being home Sue, sparkles for a speedy recovery from his hospital ordeal! Bad news about your glasses though..crikey, I would be blind as a bat without mine! Enjoy the AG kit..I got it too, and have been having some fun with it today - adding a few of my own sparkles to well, sparkle it up a bit! Its just the thing when you cant into any heavy-duty crafting. Take care, sparkles & hugs, Sue xxx

DGgirl said...

Hi Susie

What a great list - sorry for the absence of mine!!! Perhaps I shall do a very late one today LOL! Glad to hear that your Dad is finally home and being looked after. Glasses - the bane of my life when I can find them. I only need them for close work or I would opt for contacts.

The Celebrity Lover spot has been great fun and has made me smile - I await Rob!!!

Am actually working on a proper LO at the monent and am so pleased that its working out as I want it. It's a special one to me.

Take care missus and we'll talk soon.


jackie(worcs) said...

I saw that Anna Griffin kit, its gorgeous. Hope your dad continues to improve too.
Take care of yourself,
Jackie :-)

jan said...

Hi Sue, glad your Dad is out of hospital and home,hope he continues to improve slowly and surely. Take care, and enjoy the clock class,hugs Jan xx