Thursday, 25 February 2010

ATC Swap - March

Time for a new theme girls! Hope you've all received/sent the swaps for February.
I hada gorgeous ATC from Fiona - just need to take a photo!

Alma has chosen this month's theme and it is......


This month's partners are:

Susie J to Carole
Gina to Jenni
Alma to Maria
Carole to Donna
Jenni to Bev
Maria to Tania
Donna to Val
Bev to Gill
Tania to Sue-bubbles
Val to Suzie B
Gill to Fiona K
Sue-bubbles to SusieJ
SuzieB to Alma
Fiona K to Gina

As always - any problems or need for an address please email me or Gina.
Have fun girls! This one is going to take some thinking about!
Sue xx

 We have two new participants joining us, Karen and Joanne. This month they'll swap with each other and will join the rest of us in April.
Sue xx


mrs tsv said...

thanks sue, iv copied and posted onto dc. iv emailed you about another member comming on board. welcome karen.
love alma's theme.

looking forward to this one.
sparkles and hugs for you.
gina xxxxxxxxx

DGgirl said...

Thanks for this Susie. Am quite getting into it now. Didn't think I'd like working on such a small area but it's OK. Getting the hang of it!!