Thursday, 18 February 2010

Another Blog Award!

Thanks to Val for this award.
As usual there are conditions attached!
First I must list ten things that make me happy - here goes!
1. Strong black coffee
2. Chocolate
3. Watching Man Utd.
4. Crafting
5. Being with Max (our dog).
6. Reading (anything and everything,  but mainly crime fiction)
7. Music (esp. ABBA )
8. Good friends
9. Sunshine
10. Red wine

N.B. not listed in order of priority just as I thought of them!

I must now pass this award to five other people: will have to think about this as I know lots of my blogging friends have just been given this award themselves.


tea_bag said...

Congratulations on your award fab ten things

mrs tsv said...

congratulations on your award sue, i hope your feeling better.
hugs gina xxxxxxx