Monday, 26 October 2009

Thanks and Hugs.

Many, many thanks to all of you who sent birthday wishes - either by card,via blog or on Facebook - it was really cheering to know you were thinking of me.
I had a quiet day (apart from playing Hide and Seek with my great-nephew) but pleasant. Cake was provided by M&S and sparkling wine by Asda!
Crafty gifts? Well, I spent my b'day money from Dad on the Don Juan cartridge for the Cricut and in November I'm off to Butlins in Bognor with Pat for a scrapbooking weekend.
Dad is still very tired and weak - he's napping a lot but at least I can make sure he's eating properly.
Suffering craft withdrawal symptoms so may make some Christmas cards tonight - I have a small (and somewhat limited!) stash here. Will pop to Asda (Dad's "corner shop") and see what mags I can pick up for the freebies.
My brother (who is in big trouble for telling everyone I was 60 yesterday - def not true!!) is coming for tea today - will be nice to have a catch up gossip.
Misssing OH and Max. Also DS who I've only heard from by email - telling me he'd lost his phone - which explains the strange text message I got when I texted him to remind him to put his clocks back!



Hi Susie
Happy Birthday
Hope you had agreat day,
Hugs Dianne xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

pleased your dad is on the mend sue...

OUCH 60. hahaha brothers who'll have them, lol..

have fun at Butlins, steven loved it when he was there last week

maria x

jan said...

Hi Sue, am glad your Dad is recovering well, and you are crafting too. Have a lovely time at Butlins with Pat, Jan x

craftattack said...

Hi Sie, glad your Dad is on the mned and hope you enjoyed your birthday, belated birthday wishes from me. WElcome in the senior club! Keep well and stay just as you are, Hugs, Valerie

tartantaz said...

Hi susie sorry I missed your birthday. I really need to get back into keeping up with my blog and others Ive not been on checking folks blogs for ages. Hense why I miss stuff lol

take care

T x

jan said...

Hi Sue are you still at your Dad's and how is he doing? Have been away so not caught up with things properly, Jan x