Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Design Course Module 5

This module was Layout Design. I achieved 80% on the quiz and 78% for this LO.

Part of the brief was to use a non-scrapbooking source as inspiration. Well, my eye was caught by a Dior ad in the Sunday Times - just 5 photos of different sizes scattered across the page and the word Dior. Apparently this was not a good source to use as the photos are too far apart - although my use of bright colours does add some "unity" to the page. I like it (which is the main thing!) and I think Nicholas looks ever so cute - must bear that in mind when he comes home with his washing (for w'end of 25th for my b'day)!

I did ask if it was OK to resubmit my LO for Module 4 but didn't get a reply - I'll take that as a no then! I'll upload version 2 for you.
It's uploaded at the start of this post - sorry if it's confusing - haven't worked out how to move pictures around yet!
Also stressed as we've been without internet access all morning - didn't realise just quite how much I relied on it!lol


craftattack said...

Lovely LO and lovely pics of Nicholas, I bet you are looking forward to his coming home again!

jan said...

Lovely LO and lovely photos of Nicholas, it will be great to see him soon, i bet you can't wait, Jan x

dagbird2001 said...

fab lo's susiej, at end of day as long as you like it thats the main thing :)