Monday, 1 June 2009

Update on Max

My poor boy is not himself tonight. Off to the vet's first thing where they sedated him to take x-rays and blood. Still very wobbly when I collected him and not at all happy with me - why is it always me who has to take him to the vet?!!
Reasonable news on the health front - his spleen is slightly enlarged but not misshapen - sooo no meds but serious weight loss is called for. This should also help his heart murmur and general energy levels. Have to take him back in 4 weeks to be weighed. Wish us luck!

I'm tired tonight as I took the chance to vaccuum downstairs without incessant barking and Max trying to fight the hoover!
This was on top of the extra washing (making the most of the lovely weather!).
Reminds me of the housewive's motto:
"If it moves, feed it - if it doesn't ,wash it"!
Based on the Army motto:
"If it moves, shoot it - if it doesn't, paint it"


dagbird2001 said...

sending buckets of spakly vibes for max.

sue-bubbles said...

I think I like the army's motto best...he he! Oodles of sparkles for Max..and for you Sue after all that h'work!
Sue x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

sorry to hear max has not been well susie, sending him and you lots of sparkly vibes...

maria x

Diane said...

Hi Sue,

Hope Max is picking up abit now !!

Diane xx