Friday, 27 September 2013

Artistic Readers Club - September (or Two for the Price of One)

My book this month was....

I was lucky enough to be given a copy of the book for review.

Suz deMello was a new author to me but I've since read another of her books (same series) and I'm impatiently awaiting the next one!

The book is set in the second half of the 18th century...after Culloden and the Clearances.  

I was gripped from the start of the book by the description of Glasgow and its teeming crowds. It is here that we meet our hero and heroine, Dugald and Alice. They seem mismatched but as the story continues we realise that they are both hiding parts of themselves...he more than she as we discover.

Their journey from Glasgow to the Highlands is fraught with danger. deMello has cleverly interwoven Scottish myths and legends* into this part of the story and the plot moves along at  a fair pace.

Once in the Highlands, a bleak yet beautiful area where life is hard, more danger is faced and not just from the clan's enemies.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel.

Did I mention that there are some very well written erotic scenes? Oh, and vampires...

*I found myself researching these myths on the Internet when I finished the book - fascinating!

For the art work I've done another collage.
I really must thank Bleubeard and Elizabeth for this...I was so impressed by her review and artwork last month that I treated myself to this book....

Old sheet music is something I have a lot of...along with old books...

 I chose "The Village Blacksmith" as a nod to Gretna Green...

Base is Kraft cardstock; sheet music; vellum;pages from old books;thistle hatpin (it was my mother's); a splash of tartan.

Tartan was banned in Scotland at this time.......and this just happened to be a question in the pub quiz on Tuesday night.....the Ninjas won!!

A final picture of yesterday's mail (haven't had time to photograph today's free sample of Belgian Chocolate Baileys... )

My prize from a recent FB giveaway....beautiful mug and a mouse them both!

Looking forward to reading this month's reviews.


Sarah said...

This book actually sounds right up my street until you get to the 'erotic scenes' bit - I get so embarassed reading rudey bits lol The Game of Thrones books were even a bit much for me in that department (and they are nowhere near as raunchy as the TV show!), but I persevered with them because the story was so good :)

Love love love your collage - how perfect is that little thistle tie pin??

and well done on your mug and mouse mat win :)

Suz said...

Thank you for your kind review, Susie.

Sarah, a number of readers of my books and those of other erotica/romance authors skip the naughty bits and read only for plot and character--and I assure you I write plenty of both!

I also write gentler romances as Sue Swift, if that's your preference.

Warmest regards,
Sue Swift/Suz deMello

Magaly Guerrero said...

"some very well written erotic scenes" you say? Well, then I must read it in order to learn more about Glasgow *cough, cough*

Beautiful piece of art. In the house of an earthy woman and a Piano Man, old books and old sheet music rule!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I had your blog on the screen early Friday when my computer went down due to weather problems. It took until this morning to get it back.

I'm so glad you were impressed with my review from last month because your art is fantastic. I really liked the vellum overlay. It gave a special look to that old sheet music. And since I know nothing about that time in British history (I'm completely ignorant of those events), I thoroughly enjoyed reading that tartan was banned at one time.

This is a beautiful and worthy piece of art and a great review of the book.

Janet said...

I enjoyed reading your review, particularly as I live in the region where the main characters lived in the Highlands. I thought it would be a book for me until vampires made an appearance! Your collage is super and I agree that the vellum layer adds much greater depth to the piece. I also think the vintage collage book is inspirational too.

Darcy UK said...

ooo the erotic scenes caught my interest lol

great page, love all those layers of music paper and photos. Great combination of the muted colours and the brighter tartan.

Jez said...

I enjoyed reading your review and was quite taken by the idea of getting thevbook, until you mentioned the eroticism and vampires. I much prefer a good story without either, and in spite of what the author says, I din't want to buy a book and then have to skip pages.
But how great to have the author comment on your review! And I am so impressed by your artwork, and like everyone else think the depth added by the vellum really lifts it. A great combination of items to express a theme.

Jen said...

So late getting round to look this month, my daughters wedding in three weeks time is to blame I am afraid.Glad you enjoyed the book so much, it inspired a super collage. Such thoughtful choice of elements.
Jen x