Thursday, 29 November 2012

And now for something completely different...

Many, many apologies for the long gap between posts and my failure to keep up to date with your blogs....I have been reading some posts but haven't always commented.

The past few weeks have been difficult for me. The two funerals in four days really knocked me for six and brought back lots of memories...not all of them positive ones.

I've not really done any crafting either...I finished some image transfers on canvas and made one cards, no LOs.....nada......nuls points as they'd say on mojo has deserted me and I've felt too unsettled to look for it...or wrangle it into submission.

I can't actually show the canvases......they'll soon be winging their way to various points in the UK and Europe.

What I can show you is the last LO I made...and this is where the "different" comes in......I deviated (and you know how I like to deviate!) from 12 x 12 and used 8.5 x 11.......and made it look like a magazine cover by printing an acetate overlay......some of you have already seen this as I'm not convinced I like it is:

  And I can now show you the word book I made for Carmen and baby Logan.
Bubba had the very good sense to prove me right and was born on 25th birthday!

Front and back view only but I didn't want to bore you with lots of photos.

What else have I been up to??

Testing recipes for Christmas with a couple more to be tried next week......salmon en croute and passion fruit glazed gammon.....both are low fat.....the salmon uses filo pastry.....bought filo pastry which is a good thing as I can't make pastry...too heavy handed.......:(

Man Utd are back on top of the Premier League.....yay!!!

And a very unsettling thing has occurred...after 5/10 weeks of the Sky Clubhouse competition I'm in first place (along with 28 other people) as I've correctly predicted the results of five matches....including the draws.....this is seriously spooky,  as those of you who've been following the blog for a few years will remember the last World Cup when I had to apologise to various teams for supporting them as they ALL without fail lost....this is my special talent...making teams lose and I don't know what's gone wrong!!

I've met my latest great-nephew....he's gorgeous and chubby....:)
Despite the fact that he is the third grandchild for my younger brother.....I still maintain that I am much too young to be a grandma......keep telling the boy that there's lots of time yet.......:) I'm in no hurry...

Quiz results have not been brilliant but fingers crossed for tonight.

I've changed my radio listening from Smooth 70's  (made me search for my Moody Blues CD and also re-discover my love of disco...second only to heavy metal) to Smooth Christmas which is currently driving me nuts...I don't think it's going to last.....if it does I'll be brain dead well before Christmas.....or I'll be hunting down Wham! and it will be their last Christmas...

And finally....having run out of charity shop teacups and  old candles to melt down I've made some candles from scratch....well, I do love playing with wax....think perhaps I should a) have decorated the glass holders before filling them with wax b) done a better job of matching colour and scent......fuschia pink (not rampant hot pink this time Jo!!) and lavender.....??
Time will tell.......


Lee-Anne Thornton said...

Been thinking of you and glad you blogged. Sometimes I have a sixth sense. I know that sounds creepy LOL. Hang in there Sue. You are loved. Hugs. Lee-Anne XO

craftattack said...

I was wondering where you were....Glad to see you have been productive, and hope you are now feeling better. Your Magazine cover is great, and the baby-book, too! Nice to see you around again! Hugs, Valerie

Beebeebabs said...

Love your project - I have missed you and glad to know your ok - take care and hope to see you soon!!

SueB said...

Hi Susie, nice to have you back :) Sorry to hear you've had a few not so good weeks, but glad to see all your lovely work. Your layout is fab, guess what? I've started to scrap in this size too! I bravely took some of my old 12 x 12 layouts and sliced into them, ouch! They were only the ones I was never overly keen on, and the results are fab!!!! I used my sewing machine to cut down the protective pages too. Also, made some 6 x 12 layouts too! I keep all my layouts in American Crafts D ring scrapbooks, and they look great, far more interesting now, being lots of different sizes :) Love your baby book too, how cute!!! Looking forward to seeing more crafting, and so delighted to see you are taking part in the December Daily, I'm new to this too, so perhaps we can hold hand and work through it together. Suzie xxx :)

Joanna said...

I have to admit to rather liking Rampant Hot Pink, it sounds rather 'behind closed doors and adult'!!

I love Logan's baby book, it looks so cute! I'd really like to see all the pages, not just the front and back. Please??!!

Smooth Christmas already? Really??!!

I know the last few weeks have been difficult for you, Sue. It takes a while to recover from emotional events like that, take your time.


Carmen said...

Chuckling about you and your hot wax! The teacups sound gorgeous, going to def have a go at that next year!

My baby book is so lovely up close it will be a fab thing for him to have when he is older. Thank you again :)

Big hugs,

Carmen xxx

p.s I love the magazine lo.

Hi I'm Maria... said...

sorry to hear you've had a rough time sue...

love your crafting and well done on trying a new size in scrapbooking...

maria xx