Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Tag Tuesday...only a day late!

The theme this week was "Theatre and Cinema":

I made a double tag  (using a TH die) as I had so many ideas on this theme.

The top tag was made using a sheet of K&CO "Cut'n'Paste" paper. I fussy cut the tickets and popcorn from the same sheet.

The second tag was cut from a film still of "Casablanca" all time favourite film...sigh. I typed the quote on the computer.

Not much crafting has been done over the last two weeks as I've been watching the Olympics.
I've been watching sports that I wouldn't normally watch...and enjoying them!

I have made a couple of cards though:

The first is a b'day card for my nephew's partner. I used papers, ribbon and Candi by Craftwork Cards and flowers from my stash. might want to look away now as the second is....yes, a Christmas card!

On both of these I was playing with a Marianne Creatables die....up to six layers can be made...I've seen some stunning examples on the net.

Just realised that I missed my July ATC ...oh, well, will just make two together.

Realisations from watching the Olympics....

I'm probably too old to take up Tae Kwon Do....much as I'd like to.

Who knew diving could be so interesting?

Funny how quickly we all become "experts"....the boy and I watched the synchronised diving together......comments such as..."No, too much splash on that entry.."   "Legs weren't straight enough"....had me laughing!

The rules of hockey have changed since I played on the right wing....and so has the kit...bottle green skirt, knickers and knee socks are not  (and never were) a good look!

Hard work and determination can achieve results as shown by Mo Farrah.

It was great to have some really positive role models instead of empty headed "celebrities" who've done nothing.

I still don't like Liam Gallagher .

The Spice Girls are soooooo over.


Joanna said...

That post had me laughing! Well done for being only a day late with your tags - a day late is kinda two weeks early by my standards ;D

I really like your tags, they look great together.

Hope and I also became armchair experts on diving - 3m AND 10m. Tae Kwon Do remains a mystery but hey, go for it Sue - never say never!

Ditto about the whining nasal over hyped Liam Gallagher. Ditto about The Spice Girls - what IS it that's supposed to be so posh about Victoria Beckhham?


ps I will have to award penalties for showing a Christmas card which unfortunately puts this post in second position with a score of 7.5

Diane said...

Love your tags Sue !!

I had suddenly become an expert on the dressage.......he,he and I've never sat on a horse in my life !!

hugs Diane xx

Kiss to Max X

Anonymous said...

Love your beautiful cards Susie and the tags are fab, especially love the Casablanca one :) I totally loved the Olympics too ... what a great two weeks !!
hugs June x

craftattack said...

Love your tags, as I already said on out other blog. Love your new blog look, coooooooooooooooooooool! I remember playing hockey like that, too, what a sexy outfit that was! Good post! Valerie

Daniella said...

excellent work on the tags, and the cards are awesome!!
I laughed out loud, literally, at your talking about the Olympics. I agree, I watched sports I would NEVER watch otherwise. Like water polo (really?). And we too were instant experts on the diving!! We watched like all of the diving. So scary how close they get to that cement platform!!

Carmen said...

The tags are gorgeous, love how it's a double :D

Same here with the Olympics! I was especially impressed how the female weightlifters could heft up those weights with barely a murmur while the female tennis players make all that racket when hitting a teeny tiny ball!

Virginia said...

Oh on mass catch up loving the tags, awesome and the cards - Christmas do I hear Miss Susie? We too enjoyed the olympics becoming absolutely sofa experts in our own right!

Still to watch the closing ceremony we taped it whilst we were away although lad and Melanie watched some of it!

Thing Craig is looking forward to skipping the less interesting bits - like Liam Gallagher and the Spice Girls

Hope you're having a great week.